Interpretation Of The Development Of A Perceptual Set In S-r Terms

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Report Number: WADC TR 52-305
Author(s): Wickens, Delos D.
Corporate Author(s): Ohio State University Research Foundation
Date of Publication: 1952-09
Pages: 22
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB128531
Identifier: AD0005008
AD Number: 5008

This report is en effort to interpret the development of certain types of perceptual biases in terms of modern stimulus-response theory, and thtis to integrate this class of behavior with concepts that have been found to be widely useful in handling other kinds of behavior. The specific type of situation with which this theoretical formulation is concerned is that in which certain classes of stimuli are seen as being relevant to problem solution and others as irrelevant. The paper is concerned primarily with predicting what will happen when the subject is transferred to a new situation where opportunity for the operation of these relevancies and irrelevancies occur. The major assumptions employed were those of stimulus and response generalization, and the acquisition of excitatory tendencies through reinforcement and of inhibitory tendencies through non-reinforcement. A number of experimental predictions vere generated by use of these concepts.

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