The Growing of Lead Titanate Crystals and Some of their Properties

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Author(s): Rogers, H. H.
Corporate Author(s): Massachusetts institute of Technology
Date of Publication: 1952-02
Pages: 21
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB108708
Identifier: AD0004803

Small high-purity single crystals of PbTiO sub 3 were grown fro m a melt consisting of TiO sub2 and an excess of PbO. The preparation of a large single crystal by the Bridgman-Stockbarger method is described. Subsequent crystal fracturing upon cooling is interpreted by visual observation and x-ray measurements. PbTiO sub3 appears to be the only stable compound in the system PbO-TiO sub2. The chemical reactivity of PbTiO sub 3 is discussed, and data on the thermal dissociation into PbO vapor and solid TiO sub2 are given. PbTiO sub3 is piezoelectric at room temperature, has the domains characteristic of a ferroelectric substance, and undergoes a reversible color change from red to yellow when cooled through the Curie point (about 490 deg C). The density of a cracked crystal, measured at 25 deg C, was 7.96 g/ml, or 99.2% of x-ray density. The birefringence at 25 deg C was measured as a function of wave length (at 5800 A, n subscript max. -n subscript min. = 0.011).

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