Apparatus For Presentation And Continuous Measurement Of Error In A Two-dimensional Compensatory Tracking Task

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Report Number: WADC TR 54-335
Author(s): McGuire, James C.
Corporate Author(s): Washington University, Dept. Of Psychology, Biomechanics Laboratory
Laboratory: Aero Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1954-12
Pages: 29
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB111672
Identifier: AD0057389

An electronic compensatory-tracking apparatus which utilizes a two-dimensional target is described together with its computing and recording circuits. The apparatus was designed to provide a standard task of variable difficulty for use in the study of attention. The target path used approximates the equation Q = cos 2(theta). This is a four-leafed rose curve. The stimulus spot is displayed on the face of a cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO). Control is exercised by the subject through manipulation of a joy stick of very low mass and friction. Subject error, represented by the displacement of the stimulus spot from the intersection of a pair of crosshairs on the CRO screen corresponds to (x^2+y^2)^0.5 where x and y are the input voltages to the CRO. The quantity (x^2+y^2)^0.5 is computed continually by the electronic analog computer and recorded as both a function of time and as an integrated error score.

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