Evaluation Of Experimental Polymers

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Report Number: WADD TR 60-283
Author(s): Doyle, Charles D.
Corporate Author(s): General Elctric Co.
Date of Publication: 1960-06
Pages: 121
DoD Task:
Identifier: AD0243387

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) in dry N2 is considered in detail as a method for comparing the intrinsic thermal stabilities of experimental polymers on both empirical and fundamental grounds. Two procedural decomposition temperatures are defined and discussed. One, the differential procedural decomposition temperature (dpdt), is based on the locations of recognizable curve features, while the second, the integral procedural decomposition temperature (ipdt), is based on areas under the curve. Kinetic analysis of volatilization data is discussed on the basis of both the Arrhenius rate equation and its integral. Two quasi-kinetic methods are discussed, one based on empirical time-temperature superposition; the other, on an empirical relationship between isothermal times and temperatures in TGA. Two corroborative test methods, differential thermal analysis and thermoparticulate analysis are discussed briefly. TGA curves and tables of data on 54 polymers are presented.

Provenance: Agricultural Research Service Southern Region Research Center

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