Investigation Of Intermetallic Compound For Very High Temperature Applications

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Report Number: WADD TR 60-889
Author(s): Booker, Jonathan, Paine, Robert M., Stonehouse, A. James
Corporate Author(s): Brush Beryllium Company
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1961-04
Pages: 133
Contract: AF 33(616)-6540
DoD Project: 7350
DoD Task: 73500
Identifier: AD0265625

Intermetallic beryllides from the systems tantalum-beryllium, tungsten-beryllium, and hafnium-beryllium along with the disilicides of tungsten, tantalum, and molybdenum, were screened for compounds capable of serving as structural materials at temperatures above 2500°F. The compounds studied were TaBe12, Ta2Be17, Hf2Be21, MoSi2, TaSi2, and WSi2. The preparation, fabrication, oxidation resistance, and thermal-shock resistance are discussed. Values are given for the transverse-rupture strengths, impact resistance, ,mean-linear coefficients of thermal expansion, enthalpy, specific heat, and thermal conductivity. An investigation of the rates of oxidation of intermetallic beryllides was initiated. The oxidation of TaBe12, Hf2Be21, ZrBe13, and Ta2Be17 in the range 2300° to 2750°F was found to obey an exponential rate law which was cubic or a higher power rate law. In most cases, the cubic rate law applied. The products of the oxidation of ZrBe13 at 2500°F were identified as Zr2Be17 and BeO. Tentative activation energies for a cubic rate process were calculated for TaBe12 and Hf2Be21.

Provenance: Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control

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