Methods For Analyzing Flight Vehicles During The Taxi Condition

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Report Number: ASD TR 61-177
Author(s): Theisen, J. G.
Corporate Author(s): Lockheed-Georgia Company
Laboratory: Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Corporate Report Number: ER 5179
Date of Publication: 1962-01
Pages: 317
Contract: AF 33(616)-7646
DoD Project: 1367
DoD Task: 13451
Identifier: AD0273305
AD Number: AD 273306

Methods are developed for the prediction of ground taxiing loads for advanced flight vehicles. The theory presented is generally applicable to determining the taxiing response of vehicles operated on prepared or unprepared terrain with randomly distributed surface undulations. The vehicle, with many degrees of flexibility and nonlinearities of the shock strut, is represented in a generalized LaGrangian coordinate system. Nonlinear solutions are obtained in closed analytical form, and on analog and digital computers, to various degrees of approximation for taxiing over an existing runway profile. Equivalent linearized transfer functions are developed for comparison on the basis of power and cross spectral densities, load occurrences, and probabilities for a variety of speeds and nonlinear parameters. Test data are used to substantiate theoretical results where applicable.

Provenance: Bombardier/Aero

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