Automatic Water Recovery System

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Report Number: AMRL TR 67-155
Author(s): Nuccio, P. P., Jasionowski, W. J.
Corporate Author(s): General American Research Division, General American Transportation Corporation
Laboratory: Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories
Date of Publication: 1968-03
Pages: 34
Contract: AF 33(615)-2124
DoD Project: 6373
DoD Task: 637304
Identifier: AD0670178

A water recovery system for reclaiming potable water from urine and other waste waters was designed, fabricated and tested. The system operates on the vacuum distillation principle with vapor compression for the recovery of latent heat. Chemical pretreatment of the waste liquid is employed and the condensate is post-treated by absorption and filtration. A unique waste-liquid recycle technique was developed. The technique maintains clean evaporator surfaces (thus eliminating the need for periodic cleaning), and permits continuous automatic operation for an indefinite period. The system is designated GARD Model 1271 Automatic Water Recovery System. The materials, finishes, and built-in artificial gravity required for a flight qualifiable system were incorporated into the model which weighs 98 pounds and occupies less than 2.5 cubic feet. Electrical energy consumption varied according to the solids concentration of the feed liquid, and ranged from 34.6 watt-hours per pound of potable water recovered from low-solids urine to 55.4 watt-hours per pound when processing urine concentrated to 32 percent solids. During a 14-day acceptance test performed on the model, 421 pounds of potable water were recovered from 490 pounds of urine for a yield efficiency of 86 percent.

Provenance: RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine

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