Non-Destructive Impact Between Railroad Cars: Experimental and Analytical Study

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Report Number: FRA-ORD-76/247
Author(s): Peters, David A., Yin, Sheng K.
Corporate Author(s): School of Engineering and Applied Science, Washington University
Date of Publication: 1977-01
Pages: 57
Contract: DOT-OS-40106
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB263187
Identifier: PB263187

A computer simulation of the dynamics of rail car impacts is compared with experimental data obtained from full scale switchyard impacts. The compared cases involve impacts between a standing light hopper car and a moving, fully loaded tank car at speeds ranging from 2 mph to 8 mph. The monitored dynamic responses include vertical car motions, draft gear travel, longitudinal coupler forces, car body accelerations, and vertical bolster loads.

Provenance: S. Kumar

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