Hybrid Rockets for Advanced Missions

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Report Number: AFOSR 69-2951TR p. 132-136
Author(s): Altman, David, Ordahl, D. D.
Corporate Author(s): United Technology Center, Division of United Aircraft Corporation
Date of Publication: 1969-12
DoD Task:
Identifier: This paper is part of a conference proceedings. See AD0703442

With the successful demonstration of the ability to scale hybrid propulsion systems from laboratory engines to the 40,000 lb thrust level and the flight testing of a series of air launched target missiles covering the altitude range from 50,000 to 80,000 ft, hybrid propulsion technology has been brought to the point where it is realistically available for practical application to advanced missiles. The work completed over the period of six years has demonstrated effective practical solutions to the classic problems in design and operation, and has verified the basic advantages originally predicted for hybrid rockets. Detailed studies for many advanced upper stage requirements such as the Jupiter probe missioin have shown that a high energy space storable hybrid stage using propellants composed of lithium and a hydrocarbon binder in combination with fluorine/oxygen mixtures has the potential to outperform existing LOX-hydrogen stages which are suitable modified. In addition, cost studies have indicated that both development and recurring costs for the hybrid stage should be substantially less than for the deep cryogenic stage. Other advantages of significant interest are freedom from acoustic combustion instability, reduced sensitivity in the tolerances of certain critical components, and safety in handling. These characteristics make the hybrid a prime competitor for any new advanced upper stage or for an existing stage requiring modification.

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