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Study, Standardization Of Specifications For Insulated Cable
Author(s): Barbiere, Robert E., Costanzi,, Philip M., Compton, Bruce
Corporate Author(s): Government Service Dept., R. C. A. Service Company, Inc., Radio Corporation Of America
Date of Publication: 1957-12
Report number: WADC TR 57-423
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Electronic Designer's Shock And Vibration Guide For Airborne Applications
Author(s): Barbiere, Robert E., Hall, Wayne
Corporate Author(s): RCA Service Company, A Division Of Radio Corporation Of America, Camden, New Jersey
Laboratory: Wright Air Development Center
Date of Publication: 1958-12
Report number: WADC TR 58-363
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Techniques of Physiological Monitoring Volume I. Fundamentals
Author(s): Barbiere, Robert E., Baldwin, Raymond C.
Corporate Author(s): RCA Service Co Camden N J
Laboratory: Biomedical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1962-09
Report number: AMRL TDR 62-98 Volume 1
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Techniques of Physiological Monitoring Volume II. Components
Author(s): Alnutt, Richard, Weinberg, Philip T., Barbiere, Robert E.
Corporate Author(s): RCA Service Company
Date of Publication: 1963-11
Report number: AMRL TDR 62-98 Volume 2