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Research And Development On High-Pressure-High Temperature Metallurgy
Author(s): Kulin, S. A., Harvey, J. S., Radcliffe, S. V., Clougherty, F., Tanner, L. E., Schatz, M., Bernstein, H., Blackburn, L., Kaufman, L.
Corporate Author(s): ManLabs, Inc.
Laboratory: AF Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1963-05
Report number: WADD TR 60-893 Part 3
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Research And Development On High-Pressure-High-Temperature Metallurgy
Author(s): Kaufman, L., Radcliffe, S. V., Kulin, S. A., Shatz, M., Kafalas, J., Tanner, L. E., Bernstein, H., Leyenaar, A., Harvey, J. S.
Corporate Author(s): Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
Laboratory: Directorate of Materials and Processes
Date of Publication: 1961-08
Report number: WADD TR 60-893