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Structure of Defect Clusters in Solids
Author(s): Bragg, R. H.
Corporate Author(s): Armour Research Foundation
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Conversion of Diffractometer for Small Angle Scattering
Author(s): Bragg, R. H., Copeland, L. E.
Corporate Author(s): Illinois Inst. of Tech. Armour Research Foundation
Date of Publication: 1960-10
Report number: AFOSR-TN-60-1235
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An X-Ray Diffraction Study of Crystal Perfection in Silicon
Author(s): Bragg, R. H., Azaroff, L. V.
Corporate Author(s): Illinois Inst. of Tech. Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering
Date of Publication: 1960-06-24
Report number: AFOSR-TN-60-632