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Study of Supersonic Radial Compressors for Refrigeration and Pressurization Systems
Author(s): Coppage, J. E., Eichenberger, H. P., Hlavaka, G. E., Knoernschild, E. M., Van Le, N., Dallenbach, F.
Corporate Author(s): Airesearch Manufacturing Company
Laboratory: Equipment Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1956-12
Report number: WADC TR 55-257
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Study of Aircraft Heat Exchanger Pressure Drop and Ram Air Circuit Parameters
Author(s): Coppage, J. E.
Corporate Author(s): Garrett Corporation
Date of Publication: 1958-04
Report number: WADC TR 57-612
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Study Of The Performance Of Aircraft Air-cycle Refrigeration Units with Internally Controlled Turbo-machine Components
Author(s): Coppage, J. E., Elkins, P. A., Jackson, R. J., Knoernschild, E. M.
Corporate Author(s): AiResearch Manufacturing Company
Date of Publication: 1958-04
Report number: WADC TR 56-584