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Research On Inorganic Polymer Systems
Author(s): McCloskey, A. L., Brotherton, R. J., Woods, W. G., English, W. D., Boone, J. L., Campbell, G. W., Jr., Goldsmith, H., Iverson, M. L., Newsom, H. C., Manasecit, H. M., Petterson, L. L.
Corporate Author(s): United States Borax Research Corporation
Date of Publication: 1960-03
Report number: WADC TR 59-761
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Compatibility Of Structural Materials With High Performance O-F Liquid Oxidizers
Author(s): Tiner, N. A., English, W. D., Toy, S. M.
Corporate Author(s): Douglas Aircraft Co Inc Newport Beach Ca Astropower Lab
Date of Publication: 1965-11
Report number: AFML TR 65-414