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Examples of Solution Accuracy in Certain Large Simultaneous Equation Systems
Author(s): Gatewood, B. E., Ohanian, Norik
Corporate Author(s): Ohio State University; North American Aviation, Inc.
Laboratory: Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1966-11
Report number: AFFDL-TR-66-80 p. 911-924
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Identification of Selected Experimental Data on Thermal Stresses
Author(s): Gatewood, B. E., O'Connor, James S.
Corporate Author(s): Ohio State University
Date of Publication: 1967-09
Report number: AFFDL TR 67-100
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Thermal Stresses Due To Large Spanwise Temperature Gradients In Long Thin Plates
Author(s): Gatewood, B. E., Dale, R. G., Glaser, A. R.
Corporate Author(s): Ohio State Univ Columbus
Laboratory: Aeronautical Research Laboratories
Date of Publication: 1963-01
Report number: ARL 63-4