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Conversion Tables for Airman Qualifying Examination Scores and Comparable Scores on Other Selected Air Force and Army Tests
Author(s): Gragg, Donald B.
Corporate Author(s): Human Resources Research Center
Date of Publication: 1952-02
Report number: HRRC TR 52-13
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The 14-Week Exploratory Study of Marginal-Airman Basic Training: Comparison of Proficiency of 8-Week and 14-Week Training Groups
Author(s): Gragg, Donald B., Kieselbach, David J., Murphy, Walter F., Peckman, Raymond E., Heller, Herbert
Corporate Author(s): Personnel Research Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1955-06
Report number: AFPTRC TN 55-10
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Quality Control Procedures for Monitoring Psychological Testing
Author(s): Gragg, Donald B., Smith, Robert G., Jr.
Date of Publication: 1955-08
Report number: AFPTRC TN 55-21
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Coversion Tables for Selected Airman Classification Battery Scores and Comparable Scores on Other Selected Service and Civilian Tests
Author(s): Gragg, Donald B., Douglas, Howard J.
Date of Publication: 1956-06
Report number: AFPTRC TN 56-89