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Elevated Temperature Creep Properties of Four Martensitic High Strength Steels in Sheet Form
Author(s): Lardenoit, V. F.
Corporate Author(s): New England Materials Laboratory
Laboratory: Directorate of Materials and Processes
Date of Publication: 1962-05
Report number: ASD TDR 62-358
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Development of Improved Solders for Electronic Reliability
Author(s): Denlinger, M. C., Korb, R. W., Lardenoit, V. F.
Corporate Author(s): Hughes Aircraft Company
Laboratory: Air Force Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1977-06
Report number: AFML TR 77-93
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Effective Stress Concentration Factors For Flight Vehicle Materials Under Various Conditions During Fatigue Testing
Author(s): Lardenoit, V. F.
Corporate Author(s): Materials Central
Laboratory: Materials Central
Date of Publication: 1960-10
Report number: WADD TR 60-419