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Operating Points, Particle Dynamics, and Coordinate Systems for Aerospace Vehicle Stability and Control
Author(s): McRuer, Duane T., Ashkenas, Irving
Corporate Author(s): Systems Technology, Inc.
Laboratory: Flight Control Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1962-03
Report number: ASD TR 61-668
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Linearized Dynamics Of Rotating Aerospace Vehicles With Internal Angular Momenta
Author(s): McRuer, Duane T., Wolkovitch, Julian
Corporate Author(s): Systems Technology Inc Inglewood Calif
Laboratory: Aeronautical Systems Division
Date of Publication: 1961-07
Report number: ASD TN 61-63
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Extension of Linear Constant-Coefficient Analysis Methods to Time-Varying Systems
Author(s): Johnson, Walter A., McRuer, Duane T., Phatak, Anil V.
Corporate Author(s): Systems Technology, Inc.
Laboratory: AF Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-09
Report number: RTD TDR 63-4178