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Mechanical Properties Of Chromium
Author(s): Metcalfe, Arthur G., Spachner, Sheldon A., Rostoker, W.
Corporate Author(s): Armour Research Institute Foundation Of Illinois Institute Of Technology
Laboratory: Aeronautical Research Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1958-07
Report number: WADC TR 58-342
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Cermet Preparation by reactions in the iron-aluminium-oxygen system
Author(s): Siede, Alfred, Metcalfe, Arthur G.
Corporate Author(s): Armour Research Foundation
Date of Publication: 1957-10
Report number: WADC TR 57-761
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Research On the Effects On Stress, Strain, And Temperature On The Eutectoid Decomposition Of Titanium Alloys
Author(s): Goldenstein, Adolph W., Metcalfe, Arthur G., Rostoker, William
Corporate Author(s): Armour Research Foundation
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1957-11
Report number: WADC TR 57-360