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Performance. Volume II. Performance Flight Testing Theory
Corporate Author(s): USAF Test Pilot School
Laboratory: USAF Test Pilot School
Date of Publication: 1973-01
Report number: FTC-TIH-70-1001
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Conference on Transparent Aircraft Enclosures: February 5-8 1973, Las Vegas, Nevada
Author(s): Wittman, Robert E.
Corporate Author(s): Air Force Materials Laboratory
Laboratory: Air Force Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1973-06
Report number: AFML TR 73-126
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Format-Fortran Matrix Abstraction Technique: Volume VI - Supplement II: Description of Digital Computer Program- Phase I - Extended
Author(s): Morris, R. C.
Corporate Author(s): Douglas Aircraft Company
Laboratory: Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1973-04
Report number: AFFDL TR 66-207 Volume VI Supplement II