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A New Optical Technique for Rapid Determination of Creep and Fatigue Thresholds at High Temperature
Corporate Author(s): Johns Hopkins University
Date of Publication: 1984-04-01
Report number: AFWAL TR 84-4028
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Friction and Wear of Solid-Lubricated Contact in Gas Turbine Engine Bearings
Author(s): Gray, Stanley, Gupta, Pradeep K.
Corporate Author(s): Mechanical Technology Incorporated
Date of Publication: 1984-11-01
Report number: AFWAL TR 84-4143
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Planetary Missions Performance Handbook: Volume II (3rd Edition): Inner Planets
Author(s): Soldner, John
Corporate Author(s): Science Applications, Inc.
Laboratory: Earth and Planetary Exploration Division
Date of Publication: 1984-05
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The Use of Pneumatic Active Suspensions To Improve Lateral Rail Vehicle Ride Quality
Author(s): Hedrick, J. K., Cho, D., Barletta, R., Chen, L. C.
Corporate Author(s): Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laboratory: University Research Program
Date of Publication: 1984-08-01
Report number: DOT/OST/P-34/85/020
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Constitutive Modeling of Engine Materials
Author(s): Wilson, Dale A., Walker, Kevin P.
Corporate Author(s): Pratt & Whitney and Hibbitt, Karlson, Sorensen, Inc.
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1984-07
Report number: AFWAL-TR-84-4073