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Retroaction as a Function Discrimination and Motor Variables
Author(s): Ritchie, M. L., Muckler, F. A.
Date of Publication: 1955-12
Report number: AFPTRC TN 55-80
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Psychological Variables In The Design Of Flight Simulators For Training
Author(s): Muckler, F. A., Nygaard, J. E., O'Kelly, L. I., Williams, A. C., Jr.
Corporate Author(s): Aviation Psychology Laboratory, University Of Illinois
Laboratory: Aero Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1959-01
Report number: WADC TR 56-369
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Speed Of Reaching To Critical Control Areas In A Fighter-type Cockpit
Author(s): Green, M. R., Muckler, F. A.
Corporate Author(s): Martin Company
Laboratory: Aero Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1959-06
Report number: WADC TR 58-687
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Integrated Instruments: Information requirements for fuel management
Author(s): Narva, M. A., Grainer, C. A.,, Muckler, F. A.
Report number: WADD TR 60-638