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The Determination of Aircraft Stability Coefficients from Flight-Test Data Part III Lateral Investigations
Author(s): Mazzola, Luciano L., Holt, Mary Ellen
Corporate Author(s): Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laboratory: Aeronautical Research Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1958-07
Report number: WADC TN 57-410 Part III
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Development of Interim Wind, Wind Shear, and Gust Design Criteria for Vertically-Rising Vehicles
Author(s): Hobbs, Norman P., Criscione, Emanuel S., Mazzola, Luciano L., Frassinelli, Guido J.
Corporate Author(s): Avidyne Research, Inc.
Laboratory: Wright Air Development Center
Date of Publication: 1959-07
Report number: WADC TR 59-504