Low-Temperature Lubricating Engine Oil Additives

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Report Number: WADC TR 53-11
Author(s): Gavlin, Gilbert, Jones, Jr,, Sam P., Swire, Edwin A.
Corporate Author(s): Armour Research Foundation, Illinois Institute Of Technology
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Corporate Report Number: None Given
Date of Publication: 1953-04
Pages: 370
Contract: AF 33(038)-1644
DoD Project: None Given
PB Number: PB119093
Identifier: AD0020716

The structural requirements of pour-point depressants as fixed by studies of acrylic polymers are indicated to be an alkyl side chain length of at least 12 carbons and a degree of polymerization commensurate with suitable over- all physical properties. Polyhexadecylene phthalate was prepared which was capable of lowering the pour point of an untreated MIL-L-6082A AN-)-* 1100 grade oil 30 F. Light microscopical and x-ray diffraction studies of the action of additives on blends of synthetic n-paraffin waxes in dewaxed oil support the theory that pour-point depressants do not enter the crystal lattice but act by means of a surface phenomenon. A review of the literature and an evaluation of commericial additives are given.

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