How to Use Contrails

Finding a Report

The Contrails database can be searched by title, author, laboratory, or any of the identification numbers assigned to a report (e.g., AD number, Task number, etc.). 

When browsing the database or a specific set of search results, the facets on the left side of the screen can be used to limit the results by date, laboratory, availability of the report in pdf format, and Contrails-specific tags. Once applied, these limits can be removed by clicking on the X next to the limit in the box above the results. 

Thumbnails of reports and color-coded availability statements indicate whether a report is available in pdf form.

  • Full text available: this report has an attached pdf that can be downloaded by any Contrails user.
  • Full text available by request: this report has not yet been scanned, but scanning can be requested via email. After a report is scanned, the full-text pdf will be added to the Contrails site.
  • Not available via Contrails: this report is not able to be scanned and posted on Contrails, either due to federal limitations on its public availability, and/or because we do not own a copy of the report.

Accessing a Full-Text PDF 

To download a pdf version of any report available through Contrails, click on the thumbnail or "full text available" link in the search results, or click on the "Download this report" link on an individual report's page.

The report pages for reports not available in pdf form include email links for requesting scanning (where applicable), as well as other options for obtaining reports. Due to federal limitations, some reports are not available via Contrails or any other source. 

The Public Access Conflict tag has been used to indicate reports that have distribution limitations imposed by DTIC, and are therefore unavailable to the public, but have some indication of previous public availability.