Single-Axis Attitude Regulation of Extra-Atmospheric Vehicles

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Report Number: ASD TR 61-129
Author(s): Peters, R. A., Kovacevich, V. J., Graham, Dunstan
Corporate Author(s): Systems Technology, Inc.
Laboratory: Flight Control Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1962-02
Pages: 238
Contract: AF 33(616)-5961
DoD Project: 8219
DoD Task: 82162
Identifier: AD0277221

Three-degree-of-freedom rotational equations of motion characterizing an extra-atmospheric vehicle are simplified for single axis motions only. Linear analyses are made in which the simplified vehicle motions are controlled by a variety of automatic control systems using inertial wheels and/or mass ejection. Nonlinear control of the same vehicle is then considered using phase plane analysis. Equalization and several types of realistic nonlinearities are considered, and such quantities as maximum attitude, attitude rate, and power expended during a corrective maneuver are determined. The effects of controller type, i.e., inertial wheel or mass ejection, equalization, and various nonlinearities upon limit cycle behavior and upon impulse expended in a limit cycle condition are developed in literal terms, and a summary is given. The analysis evolves from simple to more complex and realistic cases so as to illustrate methods and concepts which can be used at a preliminary design level. Examples are given of tradeoffs illustrating how the controller-vehicle may be optimized with respect to one or more dynamic requirements, such as speed of response, impulse expenditure, and accuracy.

Provenance: AFRL/VACA

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