Aerodynamic Characteristics and Flap Loads for a Blunt Pyramidal Configuration at Mach 5 and 8: :Part of an Investigation of Hypersonic Flow Separation and Control Characteristics

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Report Number: FDL TDR 64-128
Author(s): Evans, William J., Kaufman, Louis G., II
Corporate Author(s): Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation
Laboratory: Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-09
Pages: 148
Contract: AF 33(616)-8130
DoD Project: 8219
DoD Task: 821902
Identifier: AD0607508

Six-component force and moment data were obtained for Mach 5 and 8 flows over a blunt pyramidal configura tion. The model had a triangular cross section and was composed of two dihedral surfaces and a 70-degree sweepback delta wing lower surface. Three-component force and moment data were obtained on a remotely controlled trailing edge flap at deflections up to 40 degrees. All three surfaces had trailing edge flaps and the model was tested with and without canards and a ventral fin. The model was pitched at angles of attack between =54 degrees and side-slip angles between -4 and +14 degrees. For both Mach numbers, the data were obtained for a nominal free stream Reynolds number, based on model length, of 4.5 million. Selected configurations were tested at other Reynolds numbers between 1.2 and 9.1 million.

Provenance: AFRL/VACA

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