Polymeric Sulfur-, Phosphorus-, Carbon - Nitrogen - Compounds

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Report Number: AFML TR 64-368
Author(s): Appel, R., Eisenhauer, G., Gerber, H.
Corporate Author(s): Universitat Heidelberg
Laboratory: Air Force Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1965-12
Pages: 55
Contract: AF 61(052)-361
DoD Project: 7342
DoD Task: 734201
Identifier: AD0629761

The following bi-functional compounds were synthesized as starting materials for the synthesis of inorganic polymers with sulphur-nitrogen-carbon bonds: Sulfuryl-diisocyanate, O2S(NCO)2; amidosulfuric acidisocyanate, H2NSO2NCO; chlorosulfuryl-isocyanate, C1SO2NCO; fluorosulfuryl-isocyanate, FSO2NCO; imido-bis-sulfuric acid chloride, HN(SO2C1)2, and imido-bis-sulfuric acid fluoride, HN(SO2F02. The polyaddition of diamines and diols with O2S(NCO)2 results in polymers which are not very stable to temperature and hydrolysis. The polymers found by reaction of H2NSO2NCO with urea and sulfamide, O2S(NH2)2, likewise, are not very stable. In the field of the phosphorus-nitrogen- compounds the synthesis of triphenylphosphine-imines and of N-halogen-phosphine imines is described. Further experiments deal with antimony-nitrogen compounds and their reactions.

Provenance: Bearcat

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