Elevated Temperature Crack Growth Studies of Advanced Titanium Aluminides

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Report Number: AFWAL-TR-87-4103
Author(s): Venkataraman, Srivathsan
Corporate Author(s): Systran Corporation
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1987-09-01
Pages: 53
DoD Task:
Identifier: ADA189025

Ordered intermetallic titanium aluminide Ti3AL alloyed with niobium possesses attractive high temperature properties and moderate low temperature ductibility. Currently, its application is limited to static components in aircraft gas turbine engines. To extend their use to rotating components of turbine engines, better understanding of life limiting processes such as creep/fatigue crack growth and fracture is required. Phase I of this Air Force Small Business Innovative Research program involved investigation of fatigue crack growth in an alpha two titanium aluminide plus niobium alloy (titanium - 16 wt% aluminum - 10 wt% niobium) as a function of temperature and environment. Computer automated fatigue crack growth tests were conducted in both air and vacuum environments at temperatures ranging from room temperature to 1200 F (649 C). Two heat treatment conditions, namely, beta solution and alpha + beta solution resulted in coarse and fine grain materials, respectively, with varying alpha two morphology. Fractographic analyses were conducted for all test specimens.

Provenance: IIT

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