Polymerization of Vitreous Humor Substrate in Light and Dark Adaptation

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Report Number: AFOSR-TR-58-161
Author(s): Shurrager, P. S.
Corporate Author(s): Illinois Inst. of Tech. Physiological Lab.
Date of Publication: 1958-12
Contract: AF 18(600)578
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB142101
Identifier: AD0207460
AD Number: AD 207460

Changes in chemical and physical properties of vitreous during adaptation: Turbidimetric analysis, acid hydrolysis, photolysis color development with ninhydrin, vitreous humor changes in dark adaptation following light adaptation, effect of flash of light upon vitreous humor hydrolysis, change in vitreous humor hydrolysis during 1 min of dark adaptation after 30 sec of light adaptation, changes in protein fragmentation rates of frozen and fresh dark adapted vitreous humor, relationships among several vitreous humor biochemical systems during the 1 to 60 min dark adaptation period, general observable relationships among the rates of biochemical processes, and relative rates of biochemical changes in vitreous humor as functions of light adaptation time. Physical properties of vitreous: Viscosity changes of vitreous humor in dark adaptation, electronmicroscopy, and fluorescence differences in dark and light adapted vitreous humor. Chemical characterization of vitreous humor components: Temperature effects in the rate of acid hydrolysis of light and dark adapted vitreous substrate: Photochemical studies on vitreous and model vitreous systems: Bioelectric studies: Bioelectric activity of mammalian eyes, and exploratory analysis of electroencephalography (EEG) components. Psychophysical measurements of human threshold sensitivity: Appendix I: Calibration of a photomultiplier scale in energy equivalents (microwatts and quanta per second). Appendix II: Psychophysical studies of the visibility threshold.

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