Properties of Sulfide Semiconductors

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Report Number: AFOSR-TR-59-4
Corporate Author(s): Illinois Inst. of Tech. Armour Research Foundation
Date of Publication: 1959-02
Pages: 18
Contract: AF 49(638)112
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB138738
Identifier: AD0208757
AD Number: AD 208757

The fabrication of metal-sulfide type semiconductors and their properties were studied; emphasis was placed on As2Te3 and Sb2Se3. An As2Te3 sample with an impurity of 1.9% Sb showed a Hall mobility of 6650 sq cm/volt-sec with a relativity of 5.53 x 10^-4 ohm-cm and carrier destiny of 0.17x10^19 at room temperature. The mobility value is more than an order of magnitude larger than that of any other sample studied. Samples of As2Te3 and Sb2Se3 were characterized by measuring sample resistivity as a function of temperature up to 300 degrees C, together with Hall effect measurements at room temperature. The results indicated that (1) from 71 degrees to 258 degrees C the variation of carrier concentration with temperature is insignificant compared to the change of carrier mobility, and (2) the observed increase of sample resistivity with increasing temperature is mainly due to decreasing carrier mobility caused by lattice scattering of the charge carrier. Specimen resistivity values vs temperature data indicated that temperatures sufficiently high for intrinsic activation energy calculations were not reached.

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