Thermochemical and Structural Studies on Alkali Metal Ozonides

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Report Number: AFOSR-2983
Author(s): Kacmarek, A. J.
Corporate Author(s): Illinois Inst. of Tech. Armour Research Foundation
Corporate Report Number: ARF 3151-11
Date of Publication: 1962
Pages: 22
Contract: AF 49(638)618
DoD Task:
Identifier: AD0427772

Physical and chemical properties of alkali metal ozonides were determined. Two new alkali metal-like ozonides, (CH3)4N03 and NH403, were prepared and also characterized. The conventional method of preparing ozonides was improved.. Three solvents which dissolve ozonides were found: liquid ammonia, methylamine, and dimethylformamide (in order of decreasing efficiency). Electron paramagnetic resonance studies revealed unpaired electrons of the same nature in the ozonides. Visible absorption spectra of the ozonides showed λ max near 450 mμ and a fine structure of 5 other peaks. New apparatus was designed for powder x-ray diffraction analysis of K03. The crystal structure of K03 was not isostructural with KN3. Na03 probably exists in at least 2 crystalline forms. One is soluble in liquid ammonia and unstable at room temperature, while the other is insoluble in liquid ammonia and stable at room temperature.

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