Users' Manual for Lateral Stability Computer Programs for Railway Freight Car Models

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Report Number: FRA/OR&D-80/30
Author(s): Haque, I., Law, H., Cooperrider, N. K.
Corporate Author(s): Clemson University and Arizona State University
Date of Publication: 1980-04
Pages: 252
Contract: DOT-OS-40018
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB80176266
Identifier: PB80176266

The dynamic performance of a rail vehicle is characterized by its curving behavior, vibration response and stability. The stability of a linear system can be studied by such classical methods as eigenvalue/eigenvector analysis. This report is a User's Manual for four programs written in FORTRAN IV that use the eigenvalue/eigenvector analysis to determine the lateral stability of the 9, 17, 19 and 23 degree of freedom linearized models of the North American Freight Car. The program input, output, and the subroutines used are described herein and the results are in the form of printout. The manual includes program listings, sample deck setups and sample run outputs.

Provenance: S. Kumar

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