Fiber-Reinforced Metals and Alloys

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Author(s): Parikh, N. M.
Corporate Author(s): Armour Research Foundation
Corporate Report Number: ARF-B241-4
Date of Publication: 1963-01-04
Pages: 10
Contract: NOw 62-0650-c
DoD Task:
Identifier: AD0293259
AD Number: AD-293 259

Work was continued on the chemical etching of drawn Be wires to reduce their diameters from 0.0047 to about 0.001 inch. Several matrix alloys were prepared by atomizing. These were prepared by first melting 2S Al in a crucible, adding the alloying elements to the melt, and disintegrating the molten stream of metal of about 100 psi pressure of dry compressed air. The powders thus collected were sieved through a 60 mesh screen and compacted in a 1-inch die. In the work on Be fiber composites, the spread in the size of the fibers was so great that it was difficult to designate an average size. These fibers were mixed with plain 2S Al powder (-60 mesh) compacted in a 1-inch die at 15 tsi and extruded at temperatures below 870F at an extrusion ratio of about 40:1. The tensile properties and elastic modulus were measured on a Hounsfield Tensometer. It was a chief objective of this series of experiments to see if these composites could be densified by extrusion techniques, and it appears that this technique is satisfactory.

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