Study of IF Transformers for Single Sideband Operation

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Author(s): Cohn, George I., Weber, Erwin W., Yuen, Paul C.
Corporate Author(s): Electronic Research Laboratory, Illinois Institute of Technology
Date of Publication: 1960-04
Pages: 242
Contract: DA 36-039-sc-78342
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB162809
Identifier: PB162809

Network synthesis can be divided into two major areas. The first of these is the mathematical approximation of a response function in terms of rational functions. The second is the realization of this approximation into a network configuration. This report deals with the methods an problems of the realization process. Emphasis is placed on the realization of lossless networks or lossless networks terminated in a resistance. The form of presentation for each realization technique is as follows: a brief explanation, a numerical example, and a flow chart summarizing the mechanical aspects. The realization methods cover the following general types of impedance and admittance functions: (1) driving point functions of two terminal networks, (2) open circuit and short circuit functions for two terminal pair networks; and (3) overall transfer functions for two terminal pair networks operating into resistive loads.

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