Study of I.F. Transformers for Single Sideband Operation

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Author(s): Cohn, George I., Weber, Erwin W., Yuen, Paul C.
Corporate Author(s): Electronics Research Laboratory, Illinois Institute of Technology
Date of Publication: 1961-01
Pages: 45
Contract: DA 36-039-sc-78342
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB162810
Identifier: PB162810
AD Number: AD-254028

Research continued on the evaluation of electromechanical filters and the design and testing of filters using ferroelectric ceramic resonators with coils and capacitors. The extension of electromechanical filters to higher center frequencies is discussed. The major difficulties encountered in an attempt to do this are transducer loss and reduction in size of resonator elements. Several filters with fifth order Tchebyscheff characteristics were designed. The one designed for 442.5 kc was breadboarded and tested. The resulting network had a 2.8 db insertion loss in the pass band and 4 db below the center frequency response had a bandwidth of 3 kc. The attenuation curve exhibited a non symmetrical shape.

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