An Investigation of Metal-Ceramic Composites for High-Temperature Applications

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Author(s): Parikh, N. M., Fisher, J. I.
Corporate Author(s): Armour Research Foundation
Corporate Report Number: ARF 2175-12
Date of Publication: 1960-05-18
Pages: 44
Contract: DA 11-022-505-ORD-3038
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB163000
Identifier: AD0238137
AD Number: AD-238 137

A few selected systems of the fiber metal reinforced-ceramic materials were investigated. The investigation included attempts to determine the nature and strength of the bond between metal and ceramics. Calculations of relevant values of residual thermal stresses were made from expansion measurements. Various properties of metal-fiber reinforced ceramics were measured and they appeared to be a direct function of the volume fraction of metal. These properties were also very sensitive to the direction from which test specimens were cut from the composites due to the anisotropy of metal distribution in the composites. These composites showed excellent thermal shock resistance from 1500°C.

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