Design and Development of Miniature RF Cables and Connectors

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Author(s): Janowiak , R. M., McManus, J. E.
Corporate Author(s): Armour Research Foundation
Date of Publication: 1960-01-31
Contract: DA 36-039-sc-74956
DoD Task:
PB Number: PB163138
Identifier: AD0237529
AD Number: AD-237 529

Nine groups of commercial connectors were assembled onto 0.20 in outer diameter coaxial cable. Each group consisting of approximately 40 connector pairs (plug and jack) were subjected to a series of environmental tests. All of the groups did not participates in every environmental test which included voltage standing wave ratio, high potential, leakage, durability, static cable pull, flexure and temperature cycle. an analysis of the results of these tests provided knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages of each commercial connector. The design of a series of transitions was necessary to enable the rapid testing of a large number of connector pairs. Experience gained in the transition design proved to be directly applicable to the connector design phase of this program. Pictures of the various transitions together with their VSWR performance characteristics were included. A connector series consisting of a plug, jack, plug to plug adapter, plug to BNC plug adapter, and receptacle were designed and developed . The plug and jack are designed for good RF performance, ease of assembly, and excellent cable clamping. The design of the plug and jack consist of only four pieces discounting bulkhead mounting parts and may be assembled and reassembled using only standard tools.

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