Annealing Stages in Explosively Deformed Copper

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Author(s): Gordon, Paul, Brillhart, Donald, Preban, Arnold
Corporate Author(s): Illinois Institute of Technology
Corporate Report Number: TR12
Date of Publication: 1963-05
Pages: 12
DoD Task:
Identifier: AD0406761
AD Number: AD-406 761

OFHC copper, explosively deformed at pressures from 75 to 435 kilobars, was found to anneal in several different stages -- a recrystallization stage proceeded by three to four recovery stages. The first recovery stage, at temperatures under 100 C, is marked by an appreciable decrease in density rather than by a density increase as is normally expected in annealing. A sample of high purity copper deformed in tension exhibited at least three of the four recovery stages, including the first stage with its accompanying decrease in density. Evidence was also found that the explosively deformed samples contained high residual internal stresses and, at pressures of 250 kbars and above, a significant gradient in imperfection structure in the deformation direction. This gradient affected the rate of recrystallization but not the prerecrystallization hardness.

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