The goal of the Contrails project is to help preserve and disseminate the technical record of 20th century aerospace research, highlighting in particular the research endeavors of the Illinois Tech community.

A sample of reports related to Illinois Tech:

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model for Lake Circulation

Leonard, John W., Melfi, David
Illinois Institute of Technology, State University of New York at Buffalo

Microcircuit Screening Effectiveness

Rickers, Henry C.
Reliability Analysis Center (IIT Research Institute)

Development Of A Practical Laboratory Procedure To Be Used In Evaluating The Forming Qualities Of Plastic Sheet Materials

Kaar, Paul H.
Armour Research Foundation, Illinois Institute Of Technology
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Recently Digitized Reports:

Radome Survey

Hughes Aircraft Company, Antenna Department

Radome Survey


Automatic Boresight Measuring Equipment

Damonte, John B., Gaetano, Al
Dalmo Victor Company
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