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Fundamental Characteristics of High Performance Hydraulic Systems
Author(s): Campbell, James E.
Corporate Author(s): North American Aviation, Inc.
Laboratory: Air Materiel Command
Date of Publication: 1950-06
Report number: AF TR 5997
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The Mechanical Properties Of Certain Aircraft Structural Metals At Very Low Temperatures
Author(s): McGee, Robert L., Campbell, James E., Carlson, Robert L., Manning, George K.
Corporate Author(s): Battelle Memorial Institute
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1958-11
Report number: WADC TR 58-386
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The Evaluation Of The Effects Of Very Low Temperatures On The Properties Of Air Craft And Missle Metals
Author(s): Rice, Leonard P., Campbell, James E., Simmons, Ward F.
Corporate Author(s): Battelle Memorial Institute
Date of Publication: 1960-06
Report number: WADD TR 60-254