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Operational Study To Evaluate Food Packet, Individual, Combat, In-Flight (IF-4)
Author(s): Norton, Glen T., Dyme, Harry C.
Corporate Author(s): Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Lab Wright-Patterson AFB OH
Date of Publication: 1952-02
Report number: WADC TR 52-336
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The Effect on Moderate Altitude Upon Human Gastric Emptying Time
Author(s): Jackson, Margaret M., Shocket, Everett, Dyme, Harry C.
Corporate Author(s): Wright Air Development Center
Date of Publication: 1952-03
Report number: WADC TR 52-74
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Effect Of Temperature On The Relation Of Food To Survival Potential Of Isocalorically Restricted Animals
Author(s): Kline, Raymond F., Dyme, Harry C.
Corporate Author(s): Aero Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1955-02
Report number: WADC TR 55-66