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The Effect Of Transverse Acceleration On Pulmonary Function
Author(s): Cherniack, Neil S., Hyde, Alvin S., Zechman, F. W., Jr.
Corporate Author(s): Aero Medical Laboratory
Laboratory: Aero Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1959-06
Report number: WADC TR 59-347
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Ventilatory Response To Forward Acceleration
Author(s): Zechman, Fred W., Cherniack, Neil S., Hyde, Alvin S.
Corporate Author(s): Aerospace Medical Laboratory
Laboratory: Aerospace Medical Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1959-09
Report number: WADC TR 59-584
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Some Cardiorespiratory Responses of Flying and Non-flying Personnel to Different Vectors of Acceleration with Correlation of These Responses to Other Variables
Author(s): Hyde, Alvin S., Cherniak, Neil S., Lindberg, Evan F., Whateley, Dorothy
Corporate Author(s): Biomedical Labotarory
Laboratory: Biomedical Labotarory
Date of Publication: 1962-12
Report number: AMRL TDR 62-151