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Critical Requirements of Pilot Instructors
Author(s): Krumm, Richard L.
Corporate Author(s): American Institute for Research
Date of Publication: 1952-09
Report number: HRRC TR 52-1
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The Development of a Measure of Pilot Instructor Proficiency Based on the Critical Requirements of the Instructor's Job
Author(s): Krumm, Richard L.
Corporate Author(s): Basic Pilot Research Laboratory
Laboratory: Basic Pilot Research Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1954-12
Report number: AFPTRC TR 54-111
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Accuracy Of Information On Line work Orders For Armament-electronics Maintainence
Author(s): Krumm, Richard L., Newman, Paul H.
Corporate Author(s): American Inst. For Research
Date of Publication: 1958-12
Report number: WADC TR 58-490
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Conference On Intergrated Aircrew Trianing (March 1960)
Author(s): Hood, Paul D., Krumm, Richard L.
Corporate Author(s): Behavioral Sciences Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1960-07
Report number: WADD TR 60-320