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Nondestructive Tests For Ceramic, Cermet And Graphite Materials
Author(s): Lauchner, Julian H., Bennet, Dwight G., Morgan, George L.
Corporate Author(s): Illinois U.
Date of Publication: 1959-11
Report number: WADC TR 59-412
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Research On Elevated Temperature Resistant Ceramic Structural Adhesives
Author(s): Haertling, Gene H., Parikh, Kanaiyalal N., Thornton, H. Richard, Lefort, Henry G., Lauchner, Julian H., Bennett, Dwight G.
Corporate Author(s): University Of Illinois
Date of Publication: 1960-06
Report number: WADC TR 55-491 Part 5
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Nondestructive Analysis of the Brittle Fracture Behavior of Ceramic Materials
Author(s): Paulson, Gary G., Lauchner, Julian H., Scott, Charley, Weeks, George E.
Corporate Author(s): The Ceramic Engineering Department of Mississippi State University
Laboratory: Directorate of Materials and Processes
Date of Publication: 1962-11
Report number: ASD TR 61-436 Part II