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Urea Inclusion Compounds Of Acetylene Derivatives
Author(s): Radell, Jack, Connolly, Joseph W., Yuhas, Louis D.
Corporate Author(s): Aeronautical Research Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1960-02
Report number: WADC TR 59-672
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Occlusion of alkylsilanes by urea
Author(s): Radell, Jack, Hunt, Paul D., Burrows, William D.
Corporate Author(s): Air Research and Development Comman
Date of Publication: 1958-01
Report number: WADC TR 58-14
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Effect Of Fluorine On The Carbonyl Stretching Frequency Of Esters
Author(s): Radell, Jack, Harrah, L. A.
Corporate Author(s): Aeronautical Systems Div Wright-Patterson AFB Ohio Materials Central
Laboratory: Materials Central
Date of Publication: 1961-05
Report number: ASD TR 61-110
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Determination Of Relative Stability Of Urea Complexes From X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data
Author(s): Radell, Jack, Connolly, J. W.
Date of Publication: 1960-10
Report number: WADD TR 60-663 Part 1
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Radiation Chemistry
Author(s): Rondeau, Roger E., Radell, Jack
Corporate Author(s): Directorate of Materials and Processes
Laboratory: Aeronautical Systems Division
Date of Publication: 1961-07
Report number: ASD TR 61-322 p. 514-531