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Organosilicon Compounds Part II - The Cyclopentamethylenedialkylsilanes
Author(s): Rosenberg, Harold, Tamborski, Christ, Rausch, Marvin D.
Corporate Author(s): Materials Laboratory
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1957-05
Report number: WADC TR 54-613 Part 2
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Infrared Spectra Of The Phenyl Compounds Of Group IVb, Vb, And VIIb Elements
Author(s): Harrah, Larry A., Tamborski, Christ, Ryan, M. T.
Corporate Author(s): Materials Central
Laboratory: Materials Central
Date of Publication: 1960-12
Report number: WADD TR 60-759
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Synthesis And Reactions Of 2,2'-Dihalodiphenylamine
Author(s): Tamborski, Christ, Baum, George, Loyd, Helen
Corporate Author(s): Aeronautical Systems Division
Laboratory: Aeronautical Systems Division
Date of Publication: 1962-05
Report number: ASD TDR 62-263
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Tetraalkylsilanes: Wide Liquid Range Fluids
Author(s): Baum, George, Tamborski, Christ
Corporate Author(s): Wright Air Development Division
Date of Publication: 1961-03
Report number: WADD TR 60-865