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Research On Flammability Characteristics Of Aircraft Fuels And Hydraulic Fluids
Author(s): Scott, George S., Zabetakis, Michael G., Imhof, Agnes C., Jones, George W., Furno, Aldo L., Lang, Frank W.
Corporate Author(s): Bureau Of Mines Pittsburgh Pa
Date of Publication: 1954-08
Report number: WADC TR 52-35 Supplement 2
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Research On The Flammability Characteristics Of Aircraft Hydraulic Fluids
Author(s): Zabetakis, Michael G., Furno, Aldo L., Miller, Joseph J., Jr.
Corporate Author(s): Untied States Department Of The Interior Bureau Of Mines
Laboratory: Materials Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1957-05
Report number: WADC TR 57-151