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Investigation of a Method for the Prediction of Vibratory Response and Stress in Typical Flight Vehicle Structure
Author(s): Roberts, W. H., Finwall, P. E., White, R. W., Eldred, K. E.
Corporate Author(s): Northup Corporation
Laboratory: Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1963-08
Report number: ASD TDR 62-801
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Empirical Correlation of Excitation Environment and Structural Parameters with Flight Vehicle Vibration Response
Author(s): White, R. W., Bozich, D. J., Eldred, K. M.
Corporate Author(s): Northrup Corporation
Laboratory: AF Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1964-12
Report number: AFFDL TR 64-160
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Investigation of Solid Cadmium Embrittlement in A-7 Aircraft Failed Shafts and Horn Fracture Surfaces
Author(s): Cook, O. H., Duval, R. E., Ford, C. G., White, R. W.
Corporate Author(s): Vought Aeronautics Co Dallas Tex
Date of Publication: 1973-01
Report number: AFML TR 72-249