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Investigation of the Measurement of Noise
Author(s): Bartik, W. J., Bonn, T. H.
Corporate Author(s): University of Pennsylvania
Date of Publication: 1947-01-15
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Measurements Receiver - (40-4000 MC/S)
Author(s): Kampinsky, A.
Corporate Author(s): Army Electronics Laboratories
Laboratory: Army Electronics Laboratories
Date of Publication: 1947-05-13
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The Stroboscopic X-Ray Diffraction Examination of Oscillating Piezo-electric Crystals
Author(s): Pepinsky, R.
Corporate Author(s): Auburn Research Foundation
Date of Publication: 1947-04-15
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Printed Circuit Techniques
Author(s): Brunetti, Cledo, Curtis, Roger W.
Corporate Author(s): National Bureau of Standards
Date of Publication: 1947-11-15
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Design Manual for Determining the Thermal Characteristics of High Speed Aircraft
Author(s): Johnson, H. A., Rubesin, M. W., Sauer, F. M., Slack, E. G., Possner, L.
Corporate Author(s): University of California, Berkeley
Laboratory: Aircraft Laboratory
Date of Publication: 1947-09-10
Report number: AF TR 5632